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Car Collectors

Car Collectors

Collector's Expertise

Car Ship Group specializes in transporting valuable collectible cars, offering customized solutions to ensure the utmost care and protection during transit.

Enclosed Transport

We provide secure enclosed transport options, shielding your prized collector cars from the elements and potential hazards while in transit.

White-Glove Service

Our team caters to the unique needs of car collectors, offering a white-glove service that includes careful handling, climate-controlled transport, and timely deliveries for your priceless automotive gems.

Customized Transport Solutions

: Car Ship Group understands the unique needs of car collectors. We offer tailored transport solutions, accommodating the specific requirements of your vintage or exotic vehicles. Our team ensures the safe handling and secure transportation of your cherished collection.

Enclosed Carriers for Maximum Protection

We provide enclosed transport options, shielding your valuable cars from the elements, dust, and potential road debris. Our climate-controlled carriers maintain the ideal environment for your prized automotive possessions.

Experienced Handlers

Our experienced team consists of professionals well-versed in handling collector cars. They employ industry-best practices to ensure every vehicle arrives in the same pristine condition as when it was loaded.

Timely and Secure Deliveries

Car Ship Group prioritizes secure and punctual deliveries. We understand the importance of maintaining the condition and value of your collectible cars, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every shipment.

After You've Registered ?

Upload License(s)

After registration, uploading licenses is generally not required for car transport services. Verify specific requirements with your chosen provider.

Search and Save

After registering, search for reputable car transport services, save their contact information, and request quotes for your needs.

Join Auctions

After registering, consider joining vehicle auctions for potential car transport opportunities within the automotive industry.

Get it Delivered

After registering for car transport, coordinate with the provider to schedule the delivery of your vehicle as planned.

Services we offer

Avail the Best Car Collectors Services by Car Ship Group

Whether it is an exceptional vintage beauty or a high-end sports vehicle, choosing collectible cars and motorcycles is a great hobby. However, buying these is easier and hassle-free. If you are a dedicated Car collector, then we will help you to pick up your vehicle from anywhere around the nation at rock-bottom prices. Similarly, you need Enclosed Car Shipping Services to ensure that you get a timely delivery of your new drive.
Whether you need to move a single vehicle or multiples, our Auto Shipping Services are the best in the region –
  • Convenience : As the best car movers near me, we offer unmatched services and solutions for individuals and businesses. Just request a quote from us, and you will be surprised to see our excellent prices. You can book us and forget it.
  • Affordable prices : Whether you are moving from coast to coast or across the state, we offer the most competitive rates for our services. We also have a licensed network of human resources that help to offer easy and quick moves to your destination.
  • Confidence : For shipping exotic cars, you must trust and have confidence in our offerings. We carry a team of well-recognized and trained professionals. You can also track the collectibles from the start of pickup and delivery.
  • Get a quote : You can start with getting a quote and take a few moments to specify your needs. Soon, you get your free quote.
  • Book your shipment : If the same looks good then you must book the services. Choosing us is easy and risk-free. You can cancel 48 hours before the pickup.
  • Transportation : To confirm the booking, we will ask a few questions. After this, we pick up your car and shift it to our vehicle for the final Transportation.

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